Mama Victoria Genevieve

It’s Summer Festival time and it has never looked so good, this is mainly because we don't all have to be as rebellious as we once were, we can now take the kids! This means the grown ups have fun, the kids have fun and we can all get messy and let our hair down.

BUT the big question still prevails “What to wear?” This is even more of an important question when you have children to pack for. Less is more and layering is what's needed rather than individual outfits that don't mix and match. 


One MAIN thing that I’d like to say above anything else, a jumpsuit is a total No No! However practical it may sound just think of the porta loos… who wants to get any clothing on the floor of a porta loo. Now if you’re thinking what I'm thinking, a dress is obviously the best option and there are some wonderful options of midi and just above the knee dresses around. These can then be layered with knitwear and a raincoat and even worn over jeans - it's a massive fashion trend, hoorah!!! (yes a dress over jeans… don't believe me? Put it into Pinterest)

Bum bags

Bum bags and rucksacks are so on trend right now and I know that if I said that to you two years ago you'd of had none of it, but honestly it’s now a thing. River Island has the most brilliant bum bag with mini mirrors and pom poms in all colours, this is good because you can go simple or monochrome with the outfit and then use accessories as your colouring. 

Utility Jackets

Utility jackets are a massive deal this season, in fact I was talking with a client about how this replaces the old fashioned cardigan for this season. You want a little something to take the chill off but you also want something lightweight and easy to pack. There are some fabulous options around, I’m so in love with my sequinned one from Zara, but most high street stores have them, River Island, Top Shop and ASOS. There are a few smaller brands on Instagram offering some fabulous alternatives too. I love one by Nomaz Boutique that simply reads, ‘I’m with the hippies’ 


Footwear will forever be an issue but I really don't think you can go wrong with two essential items, HUNTER wellies and a pair of Haviaianas. However if like me you want a bit of bling then I highly recommend Holster, like Havaianas they are waterproof but they have the added bonus of bling. All three footwear options do mini me versions too so the kids can join in the fashion fun with mum. 


There is one thing you can guarantee will be an instant outfit hit and it's a perfect pair of sunglasses. I always tell clients, if you can find a trendy pair that don't cost much and that you won’t be too sad about if you loose, this can be the making of your festival outfit. It covers your face when you don't want to wear make-up and shields your eyes from the sun. Try Topshop for some trend inspired disposable shades.


It’s as though retailers knew we were getting fed up of not having a waterproof option to choose from. Most brands have options online but my forever love will be one that's transparent. Mainly because you can see your outfit underneath and you don't have to compromise on colour options.

Victoria x