Mama Meets...Kimberly Sanderson-Wells

This week we meet mega mumboss Kimberly Sanderson-Wells, mama to two boys (aged 8 and 2) and step-mama to two teenage girls.  Kimberly is the founder of Tunbridge Wells Local Life, an amazing business that encourages the community to stay local and to enjoy all that Tunbridge Wells has to offer. The perfect way to save a few pennies, support local businesses and unearth Tunbridge Wells hidden gems.

What time did you wake up this morning?


What was your very first thought of the day?

Why is my child taking pictures of me on my phone whilst I sleep? 

What's your advice for getting up, out and at ‘em?

Organise everything the night before. 

Describe a typical morning.

Three tantrums to get my naughty toddler out of the door. Drop him at day care, get to the office at about 08:30 and drink copious amounts of coffee working between my actual day job as an Investment Manager whilst also ensuring Tunbridge Wells Local Life is kept up to date and continuing to grow and expand. 

Your perfect local lunch spot would be…

Anywhere that serves wine.

The happiest moment in your day?

Getting into bed at night.

The hardest moment in your day?

Getting out of bed in the morning.

#1 tip for juggling work and family life?

Routine as any mum will tell you is absolute key. Asking for help is also essential. 

Most overused word of the day?

FOR **** SAKE. Kidding - Charlie, no, PLEASE STOP! 

Once the kids are in bed I…

Die, cry and drink wine. 

Top 3 local gems?

The My Tunbridge Wells Blog for things to do locally. Tunbridge Wells Local Life for discounts and Sankeys for delicious cuisine and wine time,

Best piece of advice for fellow Mum's…

Don’t be too harsh on yourself, let go of the guilt for having ambition and not having your baby strapped to you 24/7 and most of all - please support each other.