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Summer Holidays

It’s SO close you can smell the salt and Rosé in the air, you can feel the sand in your babies nappy, nappy bag and beyond. It even makes its way back to the UK in some form or another...

Anyway, Summer Holiday time!

Here is a little write up of tricks I’ve learnt along the way to make it as fun and hassle free as possible. Being a new mum on holiday is a daunting thought but it need not be, here are a few things to consider:

If you're spending all day and everyday by the pool/beach you really don’t need to pack much. Avoid taking loads of kids day clothes and make room for pre-mixed mini bottles of milk (a total holiday lifesaver).

Buy an old fashioned water and Milton tablet steriliser and load the bucket with the mini-bottles of milk and Milton tablets, don’t pack nappies for a week - buy them when you get there, same applies for baby wipes.

Pack Calpol Sachets as you always need those bad boys when you can’t get hold of any!

Buy mini oil cloth bags, like the ones in Cath Kidston. They are waterproof and sandproof.  I’ve always loved this in my baby/beach bag, you can divide them up as you wish, one for cash and cards, one for calpol etc and one for nappies and wipes. A total must have.

Finally, a paddling pool! I’m not kidding.

If you think you can buy one when you get to your destination do that, but the plan is, get to the beach, find a spot under an umbrella, blow up the paddling pool and mummy/daddy and baby take turns walking to the sea and back to fill the paddling pool. Result is, one little one who is happy now playing in the paddling pool while mummy lays back and enjoys 5 mins peace, whilst sunbathing and keeping an eye on the children. Everyone’s happy.

Now things that you MUST pack...

Great fitting swimwear:

Once you become a mum I really do believe in buying good quality swimwear, not only does it work for your body, it makes you feel more confident being half naked in a different country surrounded by strangers.

Kaftans and cover-ups are a must with kids.

Maxi Dresses, little white Boho dresses or an oversized t-shirt and denim shorts, all things you need while forever running to the hotel room, local ice cream shop, toy shop, perfume and cosmetics shop (you know where to find me if I say I’ll grab the kids and ice cream)

A great beach towel:

Nothing makes your little beach or pool spot more heavenly than a fabulous beach towel. I was recently introduced to ‘You Me and The Dream’ A wonderful luxury local company run by two amazing Mum Bosses Jo and Kelly selling the most divine round beach towels. Me and Lilly have matching Flamingos (Paradiso).

Mine is a towel and hers a cute poncho. The towels are available on-line and Kitch Clothing in Tunbridge Wells.

Playsuits have been around for a few seasons now but I feel the force is stronger than ever. So many fabulous styles around this season, I’ve loved the ones in Warehouse and Massimo Dutti. A great answer to an outfit in one, that can be dressed up or down, worn with flip flops or heels, bling or no bling. What did we do before they came about? 

Espadrille platforms are a big love of mine this summer. Trendy but practical, it takes a few minutes to get used to the sensation of a one level platform but after a while you’ll see they are the comfiest shoe ever.

Layered Necklaces:

I am loving the choker trend! Not tried it yet? Try layering. It's actually a softer approach. Start with a small choker, then layer another necklace that sits in the dip of your collar bone, one a bit lower and if you dare a long one as well. Instant game changer for your summer holiday wardrobe. However, don’t do what I recently did and wear this look to the airport, security disaster!

Any questions or further help needed, you know where to find me... 

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I don’t bite, just guide, not judge. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year so enjoy it. Happy Holidays Mamas!