Mama Meets...Katy Salter

Meet wonder-mama Katy Salter who is mum to the very gorgeous Henry (1) and works as a freelance food writer and editor, writing for The Telegraph, The Guardian, magazines and websites.  Katy has also written her first cookbook Dairy-Free Delicious and runs the website which offers recipes, advice and eating out recommendations for food lovers who can't do dairy.

Food lover Katy with her little man Henry (1)

Food lover Katy with her little man Henry (1)

What time did you wake up this morning?


What was your very first thought of the day?

Why is it raining, again?!

What are your 3 essentials for getting up, out and at 'em?

A pot of filter coffee, Rude Health coconut granola and lipstick (always makes me feel like things are more under control when I’ve got lipstick on).

Describe a typical morning.

I drop Henry at nursery or with my mum, then check my emails. Most days I work at home, writing and researching articles or interviewing people on the phone, but I regularly go out on stories, occasionally on food photoshoots which are always fun, or up to London for meetings with food PRs or editors.

Your perfect local lunch spot would be...

Juliet’s on TW High Street. I used to love going in there, but a wriggly 1-year-old and all that vintage china are not a good combination. If I’m with Henry and meeting other mums, then definitely Velo House.

The happiest moment in your day?

Going into my son’s room first thing and seeing him beaming in the cot, ready to get the day started. That, and when the caffeine from my first coffee starts kicking in.

The hardest moment in your day?

When Henry’s unwell or inconsolable because he’s teething. It can be hard when I’ve got tight newspaper deadlines and you get that call from nursery. I sometimes have to switch things around and work evenings to hit my deadlines.

Most overused word of the day?

I’m always coming up with new ideas for the house, or finding new restaurants and cafes I want to visit. According to my husband I start a high percentage of sentences with the word ‘so...’ before launching into my latest idea.

Once the kids are in bed I...

Have a cheeky gin and tonic and watch Billions (my current TV obsession).

Top 3 local gems?

Black Dog on Camden Road for great coffee. Locality the greengrocers on Camden Road for fantastic, colourful local produce and proper sourdough (it’s strangely hard to find good bread in TWells. Love Inc on the High Street for interiors – there’s always new treasure in there.

Best piece of advice for fellow Mum's...

I’m loathe to give other mums advice, I’ve only been doing this for a year – there’s so much advice out there already, and much of it unsolicited. So my advice would be not to listen to every single piece of advice, go to trusted sources when you’ve got a genuine problem and use your instincts!