Mama Meets...'Style Mum' Pascale Banks

Meet Pascale Banks uber-stylish mum of twin boys Alfie & Aidan (8), fashion blogger and financial paraplanner in the City.  Two years ago Pascale bit the bullet and started her blog as her happy place to escape to and express her love of all things fashion. @Style_Mum now has over 3,000 instagram followers and has become a strong community of fashion-loving mamas. 

Pascale with her gorgeous twin boys Alfie and Aidan (8)

Pascale with her gorgeous twin boys Alfie and Aidan (8)

What time did you wake up this morning? 

7am, after hitting snooze at least 3 times!! 

What was your very first thought of the day? 

I'm going to be good today, eat healthily, exercise...this thought usually lasts until lunch time!

What are your 3 essentials for getting up, out and at 'em? 

I can't function without caffeine so my first port of call is always the Nespresso machine followed by a scroll through my emails and some concealer to hide my bags! 

Describe a typical working morning.

Rushing round the house like a mad woman, reminding the kids to brush their teeth at least 5 times and then pelting out the door to drop them at school breakfast club and hoping that I make the train! 

Your perfect local lunch spot would be... 

My absolute favourite place to eat in Tunbridge Wells is Kitsu, my kids are massive Sushi fans so this is our treat spot.

The happiest moment in your day? 

The second I get on the train to come home, I always get excited to collect the kids and hear about their day, they are a very chatty pair and I always get a very detailed run down, i'll miss this when they are older.

The hardest moment in your day? 

Getting out of bed! I'm a night owl so I end up staying up until the small hours working forgetting how much a dread the alarm.

#1 tip for juggling work and family life? 

Get a family kitchen calendar, ours is like the bible of what going on. If it's not on there it's not happening! 

Most overused word of the day? 

I say my name a lot throughout the day, I'm always on the phone and no one ever gets it right first time!

Once the kids are in bed I... 

Have a glass of red, get the laptop out and start working again. This is all usually done while watching trashy reality shows like Made in Chelsea (My guilty pleasure)

Top 3 local gems? 

I love the heated area out the back of the Bar and Grill the lemon cheesecake cocktails are to die for! We love family days in Bedgebury cycling through the forest and stopping for a picnic. I am sure Aidan is part monkey as he loves to climb, Karma climbing is his favourite place.

Best piece of advice for fellow Mum's...

Don't ever feel guilty for having a bit of you time, it's not just kids that need those occasional time outs!