Mama Meets....Hattie Harrison

Meet Hattie Harrison...mum of 3, mega-babe and writer of the brilliantly hilarious That Mum Blog - a refreshingly honest parenting blog to make you feel better about your parenting abilities!  Hattie started blogging eight months ago and has already been featured on Selfish Mother, Mumsnet, Netmums and The Huffington Post. 

Hattie & her Hubs with Lola (5), Frank (2) and Olive (1)

Hattie & her Hubs with Lola (5), Frank (2) and Olive (1)

What time did you wake up this morning?

5 o clock. I’ve got an early riser (polite way of saying total tosspot) who wakes pre 6am without fail. 

What was your very first thought of the day?

How can I roll over and ‘accidentally’ wake up my husband so he gets up with the kids. 

What are your 3 essentials for getting up, out and at ‘em?

A great tune, a strong coffee and a good mascara. 

Describe a typical morning.

I lie in bed until I feel guilty about the noise levels (normally about 6.15) and then get the kids ready for the day. The toddler goes to nursery 3 mornings a week but if it’s not one of his mornings then I load the little ones into the buggy and go on the school run. I am most productive in the morning so when I get back I put Olive down for a nap and write. The whole process is really organic, if I have time I blog, if I don’t then I don’t. It’s as simple as that. Likewise, if I am totally uninspired I bundle up the kids and take them out instead. Up until Christmas I was just writing on my iPhone on the school run or on good old fashioned paper in between feeds and nappies. Now I have a computer (I know, fancy right?) so it’s easier to get ideas down. 

Your perfect local lunch spot would be…

Hard question - Do I have the kids? Do I have the double buggy? Is it sunny? Am I drinking? How does my hair look? Taking into account all my hypothetical variables, I think I’d have to go with Cote. Happy memories of long brunches there when my husband was on paternity leave. 

The happiest moment in your day?

It can strike at anytime but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t normally involve Netflix for the kids and a slither of peace and quiet for me. And of course 7.05pm is popular too. 

The hardest moment in your day?  

If two or more kids are kicking off at the same time it all goes tits up. Once they all had a simultaneous meltdown at soft play, it was a seriously low mo. 

#1 tip for juggling work and family life?

You can’t do both at the same time. I do, which makes me a more mediocre mum and makes for better material to write about. But ideally you have to carve out time for work and time for the kids, otherwise you resent one or the other.

Most overused word of the day?

I say ‘ermmm EXCUSE me?’ a lot to prompt the kids to say please and thank you.

Once the kids are in bed I…

Kick back, that’s me done for the day. Husband deals with the kids from then on - I’m rubbish in the evenings. I always have a glass of wine and either chat to my husband whilst one of us cooks or watch a box set with him. Totally obsessed with Peaky Blinders at the moment.

Top 3 local gems?

Groombridge Place is completely magical for a day out with the kids, I love the Kentish Hare in Bidborough for a nice meal out with the fella (don’t tell my husband) and I love rummaging through the shelves at Jeremy’s home store- I am yet to leave that shop without buying a child’s lunchbox. 

Best piece of advice for fellow Mum's…

Don’t take advice. I appreciate the irony of that being my advice. Oh - and get a tumble drier.