Mama Meets...Bijal Patel

Meet megababe Bijal Patel, mama to Bastian Bear (3) and owner of Pop Pop Papier, a creative paper decoration design studio based in Tunbridge Wells.  Bijal's bespoke decorations are all handmade to order and her clients include the Meringue Girls, and Harvey Nichols

What time did you wake up this morning? 

6.15am.  It's usually 6.30/6.45am but my little one is ill and was in bed with me whilst Daddy is working away.

What was your very first thought of the day? 

What time is it?...Why am I awake so early?!!  I need more sleep!!!

What are your 3 essentials for getting up, out and at 'em?

One of my many Rimmel Colour Rush lip balms (they are the best, I have loads of colours), Bastian's Cruzee balance bike - it's the best thing we got him and we wouldn't go anywhere without it.  Lastly my iphone and charger, I know that's really obvious but I use my phone for everything - instagram, twitter, facebook, emails, taking pics.  I use it so much I now have to bring my charger out with me as the battery can't handle the usage!!  I think I need a new phone.

Describe a typical morning. 

A typical morning is...get up and dressed, get Bastian up and dressed.  I drop him off at nursery and then come home and eat breakfast, whilst I have a flick through instagram (I'm obsessed!!)  I wash up the dishes from last nights dinner (our dishwasher is out of action while we are renovating our house). I sit down and check emails before starting on making orders. Bastian is only at nursery for half a day so I pick him up at 1pm and we spend the afternoon hanging out with friends or family (I'm really lucky as I have my family and best friends all living really close by). 

Your perfect local lunch spot would be... 

The Velo House, Bastian and I are obsessed with their banana and cinnamon bread and fishfinger wraps.  Always such a lovely atmosphere.

The happiest moment in your day?

Going into Bastian's room first thing in the morning and seeing his smiley happy face.

The hardest moment in your day?

Having to get out of bed!!!

#1 tip for juggling work and family life?

Just do the best you can.  Love hard and work hard is my motto.  I think as long as you have a good work/life balance and what you do makes you happy, then your kids will be happy too. 

Most overused word of the day? 

I originally put 'NO' but I just said to Bastian 'be careful' and I've now realised I'm always telling him to 'be careful'.  He now responds with 'it's okay Mummy' (so cute). 

Once the kids are in bed I... 

WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK (I'm singing Rihanna as I type this)

Top 3 local gems...

BGels for my mani/pedi fix (I am a qualified gelish gel nail technician). I LOVE St. John's fish bar - they do the best fish & chips.  Another gem which is local-ish in London is the ice cream parlour at Fortnum and Mason. We took Bastian one weekend while we were at the London Transport Museum and it was amazing - he had a proper ice cream sundae and loved it. 

Best piece of advice for fellow Mum's...

Make time for you - we all need a break.  Come and get your nails done :-)