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I don’t know your thoughts on this but… WHERE DID 2017 GO?

This year has flown by (more so than any other for me) and I’m not complaining... it's been a fantastic year with only a few bumps in the road for a change.   So on that note, whether your year has been good or bad, I’ll give you the run down on the best part of the year…Christmas Party Fashion!

I’m not one to shy away from a bit of sparkle, glitz and shimmer and this year is no exception. In fact, it's bolder and brighter than ever before and this in itself is something to celebrate.


One thing you’ll notice this party season is the amount of colour options available and this year we are going bright and sparkly! My two absolute favourite pieces have to be a sequin knee length skirt from Miss Selfridge, I have to confess I did not spot this myself - I spied it on the catwalk at Stylist Live and I was instantly sold. The best bit, which I found out upon purchasing while leaving the main stage, is that it comes in two other equally stunning colours and now I cant decide which one to buy.  


This is so beautiful you could wear it with something very simple on top, but I’ve got a feeling it would look AMAZING with a rainbow coloured roll neck or something colour clashing and killer sparkly heels, I’m thinking the more Edina Monsoon the better (for those of you too young to know who I’m talking about... think Ab Fab).

But if you wanted to do colour in a more delicate feminine way then what about this beauty from Marks and Spencer?  This dress just requires a simple diamanté shoe and long earrings with a similar feel. Try these from Scouting for Pearls ...


Although I’d probably have to go with something more like this ...


There are two things that always crop up in a clients’ wardrobe, two things that may not make sense for 48 weeks of the year.  But it’s best to keep hold of them or you’ll be running around looking for the same thing every year...the velvet and sequin ensembles.

I dare anyone to tell me that they haven’t once owned a velvet jacket, if you have one lurking at the back of your wardrobe then now is the time to unleash the beast. Wear it on repeat all the way through until January 3rd, then you’ll know you not only looked fabulous but you shopped your wardrobe and did Christmas in style!

The sequin dress is a thing of Christmas and New Year dreams. They require minimum effort as they don’t need much in the way of accessories, all you have to do is get your make-up right, whip that hair up and sparkle like the fairy on top of the Christmas tree. What’s not to love? Try these that I’ve found on my travels...

Sparkly Sequin Long Sleeve Shift Dress - Marks & Spencers


So go forth and sparkle - it's Christmas and although you may not get loads of wear out of what you buy, just think “Do I feel absolutely amazing in this”? If the answer is YES, you know the score. It's time to SHINE!

Victoria x

Mama Victoria Geneve

It’s probably sods law that on the day that this is published it will be boiling hot outside and we will be discussing how we’re having an Indian Summer, BUT as it’s currently 14 degrees, raining and foggy outside (not to mention I’m wearing cashmere bed socks at my desk, FANCY I know) I will talk to you about what you should be wearing and buying for Autumn/Winter 2017!


If there is one colour your should be buying it's RED, red knitwear, red dresses, red lipstick, red coat, RED everything and you can really go to town on it this season.  When it comes to red you can either go along the lines of ‘more is more’ or just 'a suggestion of' by adding a red scarf with red nails for example. 

I’m totally in love with this Red Coat from H&M


And this Red Dress…. 

FullSizeRender (1).jpg


And if you’re as daring as me I’d totally wear both at the same time with a pair of metallic boots... or go OTT and wear red boots or trainers too. These are the perfect trainer to add a bit of bling to your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe and don't get me started on how comfortable they are.


A trend that has continued from Summer, the humble Kimono. Worn over a cami or T-Shirt in the summer months can now be worn over a thin knit or my favourite, a cashmere jumper. When the cold really sets in try layering a cashmere jumper, leather jacket and ‘dark’ kimono over the top for an elegant alternative to a Camo Jacket. I love this one from Zara.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

All you need to do is wear a black pair of jeans, a jumper and throw a kimono over the top. Job Done. 

Pearl Studs

Pearls on EVERYTHING!! Ok so I saw this trend a few years ago at a high fashion press day and it was when metal studs were the thing.  When I saw Pearl Studs I was like ‘YES’ - elegant studding this will definitely take off, and surprise surprise it has. Boots, jeans, jackets all embellished with pearls, it's not quite Pearly Kings and Queens it's more romantic rock chic. Here are a few examples: 

FullSizeRender (3).jpg
FullSizeRender (4).jpg
FullSizeRender (5).jpg

Topshop Pearl Hoop Earrings

Floral Dresses and Chunky Knits

One fail safe fashion trend is a floral dress. This is set to be the one outfit you need in your life and when it's that simple it would be rude not to at least give it a try. Think more GUCCI than ‘high street florals’, think clashing colours and prints with a dash of red, all dressed up with a sock fitting ankle boot or dressed down with a simple minimal trainer.  Take a look at H&M and &OtherStories

There is a very luxurious season ahead filled with glamour and femininity. Embrace it, go for it and's just clothes, it's just clothes you choose to wear that make you look and feel the way you do when you LOVE your outfit. 

No excuses for motherhood getting in the way either. Floral prints disguise sick and food marks, Kimonos are simple and easy to wear when breastfeeding and can double up as a cover up.  And as for footwear?? No heels posted on here, all flats and practical. Now go and get ready for your best season yet.  

And if you ever want any help just holler! x

A letter to a new Steph Douglas

This brilliant letter is written by Steph Douglas, founder of the GORGEOUS gift package company Don't Buy Her Flowers and Mama to Buster and Mabel (with baby #3 due in November).  

Steph started writing her Sisterhood & All That blog whilst on maternity leave because she found the honesty of other Mums reassuring and was 'astounded by how many people said it was all dandy only to reveal months later they’d been in a terrible state'. Steph sent this letter to her friend who has since told her it ‘pretty much saved my life and that she used to refer back to it when she was struggling. So if someone has just had a baby and is sitting in the dark at 3am having a cry and thinking that everyone else found it a breeze, this might help':

Hello gorgeous girl,

Firstly, DO NOT worry about replying to this. All the texts/emails/messages/FB posts are a bit overwhelming, especially if you feel you have to respond. It used to stress me out a lot, so just know I won’t be offended if you don’t respond, and nor will anyone else. I just wanted to say I am still thinking of you and hope the first couple of nights went ok. I don’t profess to be an expert by any stretch, but I have done this shit twice in quick succession, and for me there are a few things that I know myself and all my friends that have had kids have found tough/learnt pretty quickly, and the sisterhood has never been more important than when you’ve had babies. I remember getting a couple of texts when I was sitting in hospital in absolute shock (Buster was born at 36 weeks so think you pipped me!) and I had no idea what was going on/what I was supposed to do and Buster wouldn’t feed. I had to hand express for a week before he eventually latched on – who knew it was so hard? Those NCT videos show the kid frickin’ crawling up the mother’s belly FFS. LIARS. But it just takes a bit of time for you both to learn what to do and then you’ll be flopping them out all over the shop. I reckon it took me 6 weeks with Buster to be passed the sore phase and for my body to produce the right amount at the right times.

Anyways, I had a couple of texts from people saying ‘hang in there’ and ‘this is a bit shit but it’ll get better’ and it did make me feel better as until that point I’d for some reason not noticed the exhausted look in a new mum’s eyes as they say ‘being a mummy is wonderful’ (really? even the cracked nipples/leaking fanny/blancmange belly? Let’s not mention the childbirth bit – it does pretty much return to normal btw…) and clearly not heard them mention being a bit tired…And then you do it and you’ve never felt emotion like it – high or low. So anyway, this is what I wish I’d known, which really isn’t supposed to be patronising, but once I’d been through it, just seeing a new mum reduces me to tears as I can vividly remember being tired and confused and just wanting someone to tell me it’d all be ok. Which it was as I wouldn’t have done it again otherwise.

Pull the drawbridge up. This time is all about you and Pete*, especially whilst he is off work. If you have visitors, make sure they are ones that will bring food and leave after 30 minutes and try not to pack too many in to a day. I found I felt ok when people were there and I wanted to show off the baby, and then they’d leave and I’d sit on the stairs sobbing with exhaustion. It took us about 6 weeks to work that one out, so hopefully you’ll get there before your first couple of months are a blur of feeling you need to look presentable/hold it together and then screaming at Pete when they’ve left. Once we’d worked it out Doug became my ‘protector’, so he booted people out after 45 mins and kept visitors at bay generally in his own unique way (rudely – he wasn’t good at subtle). Protector and feeder. They were good times. I actually got fatter after having Buster as yammed so much food and needed cake for energy. NEEDED it. Which brings me to…

I wore maternity jeans or pyjamas for at least 6 weeks with Buster. I PROMISE your body will return. It’ll be a slightly different version, but seriously, you are young and fit and it’ll happen and for now it isn’t important. It is amazing how your tummy contracts and each day it goes down, so it will happen. And those people that mention they were in their pre-maternity jeans after 2 weeks? Dicks. 

EAT AND REST – if you are breastfeeding, or if you’re not actually, you are going to need energy. I’ve watched a lot of friends struggle with the feeding and then say ‘oh, i haven’t eaten today’ – basically it’s fuel and you’re producing food to FEED another being, so it makes sense that you need to eat. It is amazing how much food and rest impact your milk. Again, this took me weeks of charging about and feeling knackered and wondering why the baby was crying with hunger and needing feeding all the time. I know everyone says ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ blah blah blah, but I actually did that with Mabel and it is rather nice having daytime naps and not divving about cleaning/catching up on emails etc. She’s 9 months and I still have them when Buster is in nursery – I love waking up all sweaty and a bit drool-y.

Just be kind to yourself. You have your man and you have your baby and everyone else can and will wait. This is a brand new thing you’ve never done so of course you can’t always know what to do, but having some peace and quiet and your man beside you is all you need and you’ll work all the rest out. 

I PROMISE it all gets easier. And hey, it may be that you’re flying and not finding it hard at all and if so this email has nothing to do with underestimating you and everything to do with my own experience of finding this motherhood shit HARD. So sending so much love and sisterhood vibes your way darling girl. Anything I can help with, I’m only an email/phone call away.

Your Stephie xx

*Name has been changed to protect the sleep deprived.